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Client Spotlight: Jonathan D. Graham

We want to thank you again for your continued partnership and allowing us to help you celebrate the success of HORUS Academy, a mentorship program and incubator space that goes above and beyond for minority, underserved, women-owned and local businesses.

Jonathan D. Graham is a renowned entrepreneur and the founder of HORUS Construction, a leading construction and engineering firm that has been responsible for some of the most impressive infrastructure projects around the world. Graham’s visionary leadership and innovative approach to construction have earned him a reputation as one of the most talented and forward-thinking executives in the industry. Under his guidance, HORUS Construction has become a powerhouse, known for its ability to take on complex projects and deliver them with speed and precision. Graham is committed to using his expertise and resources to make a positive impact on the world, and his company is involved in numerous philanthropic initiatives aimed at improving the lives of people in need. With his boundless energy and unwavering dedication, Jonathan D. Graham is a true inspiration to entrepreneurs and business leaders everywhere.

Tampa Bay Business and Wealth at Sheltair

Congratulations to Lisa Holland for making it on the cover of Tampa Bay Business and Wealth’s March Magazine!  Catering to an event in a jet hangar was an absolutely exhilarating experience! Our team also got to network with a few of the attendees and took some fun photos!

Livy O’s Superhero Spotlight

“I would like to highlight my sales team, Barbara and Justine for doing a great job while I was on vacation.”

I would like to also highlight Ms. Linda for her referral that ended in a closed sale: Mary Hipps via Perfecting Truth Ministries.”

– Saleema Board, Director of Events & Business Development

Barbara and Justine